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... me finally graduating after 5 years with Business Administration while my true love, Animation wept alone in a dark tower every night. But eh! I stylishly failed to validate my project last semester and in the same fashion, couldn't find an internship during this one. So it would seem Business Administration will cling to me one more year, the clingy nag.
But do not lose hope, beloved! I will shake BA off sooner or later and will figure out (somehow) where to find all the money required to be allowed to be with you - because we both know you're one equally needy bitch, so forgive me if this is taking a while.

So what's this journal about then? My newfound/renewed love for basketball? Well, no. I wanted to wait until I actually get there because notifying peeps about it but I was left very inspired by this morning's service so gotta share it now:
I finally got an internship!! And it's in Paris! I'm moving next Saturday!! 
I really want to thank God for this and give all the glory to Him! I am humbled by His provision. I struggled, trying to obtain it, relying only on myself. In the end, He revealed his glory and provided with an opportunity I had least considered; but which I can now trust will be an challenging, enriching experience I'll be grateful for.
And because this is a huge step in my life, a part of me also has its fears and anxiety (God knows I've never been very fond of Paris) BUT! He who sets my path will surely give me all the grace and strength I'll need to thrive on it. I will do fine thanks to Him and He'll be glorified through it again.
So yeah. God is awesome. :dummy: Woohoo :woohoo:

And now, let's talk about the clingiest of my mistresses, which I met last October and has been haunting me ever since, a round of applause for: OCT!!!  

 :iconwalkingcityoct:  :iconthe-salt-islands-oct:  :iconseconddraftoct:

Look at dem! :la: Look at dem acting all flirty and shamelessly winking at me! Well, lassies, daddy's going to be busy and will have much less time and energy to give y'all. So:
-Walking City: The first contact. Like an unexperienced prepubescent kid, I shyly caressed her on her parents' couch in front of her whole family. She was immediately turned off but like the most clueless and dedicated of hobos, I set camp in front of her house and proceeded to bombard her with letters she'd never read. A bunch of you follow my SEs and for that I am so very grateful. We've been at it for a while now so it'd be a shame to stop now, I'll attempt to still deliver my whole hobo vision in an acceptable amount of time so thanks for sticking with me.
-The Salt Islands: She has that familiar 'exotic' smell from back home. So I was instantly hooked! On top of that, she boasts a love for the vintage! What's not to love?? I've got a LOT planned. Maybe too much, really. For now, I'm leaning more towards traditional art for this one coz it's a bit quicker. 'Dunno if that'd be good enough for y'all. The extension is very welcome. I hope in that time she can attract more people because she's really deserving of the attention. And hopefully her pretenders can at least pretend they're also interested in all the nice vintage stuff and setting she carefully prepared. So yeah! I'm very motivated to make sweet, exotic, Victorian love to TSI and having the people around watching not dressed in 1910s grab would be much of a turn-off.
-Second Draft: You sophisticated, cool lady. You so ballin' it's like you read my mind to make yourself out to be the most attractive possible. Just stay there and stay shiny, beautiful. Me and my mate are going to prepare something that'll blow your expensive socks off.

So I still plan to make good OCT stuff coz OCTs are so cool. But it might take more time or end up shorter and less refined than what I could've planned if I'd still been a jobless waste of space and air.

Finally, thanks a bunch, everyone who's been stopping by to check my stuff lately and added me to their watch. OCTs are also great to meet people and I'm glad to know y'all. Thanks for the support! Let's continue trying to draw cool shit together!
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Zoky by honeyOdew
means 'Older brother/sister' in Malagasy.

You'll see more of those guys soon enough :)
Afo - Page 64-70 by honeyOdew
Afo - Page 64-70
Previous: Afo - Page 57-63
Next: so much for making deadlines xD

I wanted to try taking a cue from dragol 's neat, spacious, beautifully flowing layout'n'composition.
Taste dat failure.


Pencil Sketch
The Bore Kills The Boreas I (paper base) by honeyOdew
Sarisary XIX by honeyOdew
Sarisary XIII by honeyOdew
    - One or two characters
    - Can be full-body
    - No background
    - Stay classy (breasts are classy)

More examples here -->…


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am, currently, but a Business student. It's entertaining and interesting enough.
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and I want to live off of it, someday because I just love visual arts so much.
At first, very heavily influenced by Manga & Anime, I am now slowly experimenting and trying to find my own style.

Thank you for passing by. Hope you liked some of the things you saw :)…

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hey I just wanna say I really love your style and your art is super nice aaaaahh QVQ;;
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