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Headshots by honeyOdew
of some gals of the :iconwalkingcityoct:
Each OC belongs to her respective owner. Hope y'all like it :)
Man, I wanted to get this done nice and quickly; be in bed by midnight. Then I accidentally deleted the last two columns :| (Blank Stare)  ... And I had not saved anything because I am stupid like that.
Anyway, it is now 01:35 am and I's got loads of work waiting for me tomorrow so farewell.
Andro Marary by honeyOdew
Andro Marary… (I freaking love this song so hard! I could marry this song if it was legal!)

What's wrong with you, ô Today ?

White skies and colorless sun.

Could it be you're sad ? Talk to me, I'll listen.

If you're jaded of giving warmth,

I'll come with tune and friends

To offer a world of music

We just want you to show a little beam;

No importunity but a song, please spread your joy.

On this cold, sunless day,

We need music.

He told us the sun would be sick today.

The elder said so,

But it was no fable nor legend.

We need a balmy heart, reverie and eccentricity.

I'll count to three then you enkindle.

My OCs and :iconstupidyou3: 's chilling on the :iconwalkingcityoct: 's canopy :D

So I'm new at OCTs and I don't really get how everything works :( So we get a premise :
Like the Walking City is kind of a vicious place where you have to keep fight and be the only remaining victor(s) if you want to get out. Plus, there are golems out to get you. How chic! 
But we're also told about Paradox, the orchestrator, and how he's a maniac who watches people fight for fun. There's also the Hui guy who just wants to watch stuff burn.

My main question is: is all we supposed to do fight, fight and fight during the rounds (coz that's the main point of OCTs, I think) or can we conduct them in a way where our OCs look other options aside from being the only survivor(s), death or being trapped forever, waiting to be slaughtered by golems. Coz dat stuff is hardcore man ! xD I know it's just this story's canon but I feel bad for all the poor OCs who'll lose. So can the decisions our OCs make during the rounds affect the story and be made canon as long as they also somehow win the battle.
Then, could someone choose to recruit "defeated" OCs and somehow beat Paradox's ass and get everyone out ? It could work like that ?

Asika: Reference Sheet by honeyOdew
Asika: Reference Sheet

For :iconwalkingcityoct:

Sakay & Asika come from a world where chili peppers are even hotter and freakier than in ours : along with the burning sensation and hot peculiar feel, they can cause body modifications, give super powers and a lot of other weird stuff that can be more-or-less practical.

Think Devil Fruits from One Piece - Zoan, Logia or Paramecia, they all work; only:

-they don't come in one single exemplary, all sorts grow in great numbers everywhere and you can even cultivate it yourself (it's tough, tho)

-the effects don't last long, a whole body-affecting chili's effect can last 30 minutes, tops. Then again, you can eat multiple ones at the same time (we don't recommend that at all) or just a third of one, depending on your needs.

-they can taste bad, real bad. The freakier the effect, the greater the pain and the toll is likely to be. And it's not just the mouth, you can feel it in your whole body. Pro consumers train a lot and gradually try hotter peppers. His Tselatra's intensity is around 80,000 SHU and it comes with tingly sensations.


NOW! About this lad!


Like Sakay, Asika is a pikaroka, a professional pepper researcher.  He joined her organization a couple of years after her arrival. He comes from a successful family of geniuses and prodigies. He is famed for his brilliant intellect and knowledge of peppers, he's not crazy over them but he finds them fascinating enough: their shapes, their variety, their effects, their history… he likes knowing and experimenting more.

Not the tasting, tho. He not very good that.

His parents are happy and proud but sometimes they worry for his safety. Sometimes, knowing Sakay is with him calms them and sometimes it does the opposite.

He's pretty content. She can be hard to manage at times but he finds it exciting to be with her too (don't tell her tho, it's embarrassing). He, too, opens up a lot when with her. She's like one of the only person that laughs at his jokes.


Asika isn't weak per say, his job and his team-up with Sakay keeps his body busy enough so he has some muscles. But it's not like he ever really wanted them or thinks much about using them so eh… it doesn't serve a whole lot and isn't super impressive.

He mainly battles with his mind, comes up with creative strategies and plans. However, usually, the thought of any effort (mental or physically) disdains him a bit. And getting hurt is bothersome. He'll be motivated to take action only if he sees an opportunity to experiment or learn something interesting or if Sakay is somehow involved in the matter (and it's serious).

Some other peppers he uses frequently

Tsoka - consumer's lungs become superhuman

Posaka - consumer's body breaks down easily, can be put back together

He doesn't have a lot of pepper he uses frequently, he can't handle them well anyway and doesn't feel like getting better at it. He'll bring along a batch of new not-too-hot peppers on each mission to try them out. He borrows some from Sakay to create combi attacks or just tells her how to use hers.



Traditional Sketch
The Bore Kills The Boreas I (paper base) by honeyOdew
Sarisary XIX by honeyOdew
Sarisary XIII by honeyOdew
    - One or two characters
    - Can be full-body
    - No background
    - Stay classy (breasts are classy)

More examples here -->…


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm the cute kid with the glasses.

I am, currently, but a Business student. It's entertaining and interesting enough.
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and I want to live off of it, someday because I just love visual arts so much.
At first, very heavily influenced by Manga & Anime, I am now slowly experimenting and trying to find my own style.

Thank you for passing by. Hope you liked some of the things you saw :)…

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